Debt Collections - Picking the right debt collectors for the job

There are hundreds of debt collectors in South Africa - each with their own unique debt collection service offering. However, with so many collection agencies out there, it can become quite challenging to choose which agency to use.

There are several important questions that must be asked when picking a collection agency. To save you some time (and money), we have listed them below.

Picking a Debt Collector in South Africa

1. Is the service offering all-inclusive?

It’s best to look for a debt collection agency that offers not only debt collection services but also tracing services as well as processes offered by courts such as legal debt collections.

Able Tracers & Debt Collectors offer not only debt collection, tracing services and legal debt collection but in addition we offer bad debtor rehabilitation services.

Our major strength and backbone to our success has been our tracing of absconded debtors. Our ability to track debtors is a result of many years of experience and specific resource knowledge second to none.

2. Does the collection agency work on commission?

Many debt collection companies operate on retainers, meaning regardless of whether they are successful in retrieving the said debt, they will still be paid.

In the debt collection industry is an issue as the chances of a successful debt collection vary from case to case – leaving no guarantee that you will receive your money back.

At Able Tracers, we are completely performance driven - working purely on a collection commission basis that is predetermined prior to the debt collection process.

3. Does the collection company offer a specialised service?

Able Tracers are linked to the Registrar of Companies which allows us to investigate directorships and memberships. Additionally, we are linked to the Deeds Office – allowing us to establish property ownership.

This is a specialised service that sets our service offering aside from the rest.

4. Is the collection agency registered?

This is extremely important as there are still agencies out there that claim to be registered even though they are not.

Able Tracers is a registered debt collection agency and each staff member responsible for communicating and negotiating with debtors is registered.

We adhere to strict industry Code of Conduct and have over 50 years of experience in the debt collection industry.

Able Tracers are registered with the Council of Debt Collectors.

Able Tracers & Debt Collectors – Debt Collectors Cape Town | Johannesburg | Port Elizabeth

For the last 51 years we have offered our clients a wide-range of services and constantly and innovatively challenged all obstacles and excuses offered by debtors and by doing so, adding necessary pressure to get paid.

For more information about our debt collection services, please contact us.

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