Debt Collection South Africa - Purchasing Debtor's Books

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors has established itself as one of South Africa’s most successful debt collection agencies.

Over the years, we have developed a capacity to turn bad debt into profits allowing us to facilitate the entire debt collection process, including purchasing debtor’s books.

Buying debtor's books - Debt Collections South Africa

Buying Debtors Books

The purchasing of debtor’s books allows financial institutions and companies to free themselves of “nonperforming debt” while generating immediate cash flow.

The majority of financial institutions simply do not have the time or capacity to pursue individuals defaulting loans and in most cases end up spending more money pursuing the debt than what the debt is actually worth.

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors assists companies and financial institutions recover from bad consumer debt by purchasing their nonperforming debtor’s books – enabling them to significantly reduce their debtor’s books while increasing their cash flow in a short period of time.

We provide collection services to Doctors, Pharmacies, Schools, Creches, Government Departments, Metropolitan and Local councils, Corporate, Commercial, Rental enterprises and individual matters.

Additionally, we offer strategic review and evaluation of clients’ debtor books and can assist with valuation, restructuring and servicing of accounts receivable portfolios.

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors South Africa

Our debt collection services are available nationwide and internationally.

We pride ourselves in being debt collection experts and our well-trained, dedicated and diligent collectors possess specialist skills, experience and persistence to collect even the most difficult debt.

Contact us and free your business of bad debtor’s books today.

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