Medical Debt Colletion Services South Africa

Our Medical Debt Collection Services are not much different to our general Debt Collection Services.

In order to ensure the debt collection process is as smooth as possible, it’s important that medical service providers take down all patient details as well as clearly stipulating the practice payment rules before performing any treatments on credit.

Additionally, medical practices must distinguish what is medical aid and what is private.  In the case of a private patient, debt collection is simpler – the account is sent to the patient and is due on presentation.

Where the patient is a medical aid debt collection case, medical practices must send their accounts on behalf of the patient/member to the medical aid.

However, the responsibility still lies with the patient to ensure the account is settled in full.

In some instances, medical aids will pay a portion of the account directly to the member or the practice, however, either way the member remains responsible for the account.

Things to consider and inform patients of:

  • Patients are responsible for paying medical aid bills (private/medical aid).
  • Patients need to provide medical practices with their correct contact details so the practice can follow up on non-payment.
  • Service providers need to sign an agreement with the patient in case the medical aid rejects claim.
  • Patients must make sure they receive an authorisation number from their medical aid prior to having procedures done.
  • Patients need to follow up with their medical aid regarding any outstanding balances.
  • If a medical aid debt is not covered or rejected by the medical aid and service provider informs the patient about payment – the patient is then responsible to make payment or payment arrangements.
  • Handover after 3 months of non-payment from medical aid.

Able Tracers & Debt Collectors – Medical Debt Collections in South Africa made easy

Cash flow is an issue regardless of whether you have a large medical practice or are a single medical practitioner, and non-paying patients and unresolved medical aid claims can result in businesses having to close their doors.

Our debt collection agency understands the special needs of a medical practice and therefore our medical debt collection service is designed to keep doctor-patient relationships intact wherever possible.



Why use a debt collection agency?

It is proven, the minute a collection agency gets involved the debtor knows that collection of payment has now become a reality and priority and the sooner he pays the less the pressure. 

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