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Business to Business Debt Collection

How Able Tracers Turns Losses into Profits for Credit Providers

With our unparalleled skills and comprehensive approach to debt recovery, Able Tracers can help credit providers transform bad debt into recovered assets, safeguarding their profitability and ensuring long-term financial success.

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How Our Agency is Supporting Creditors in Achieving Financial Health

At our agency, we understand that outstanding debts can have a significant impact on a creditor's cash flow, profitability, and overall financial stability. That's why we take a unique approach to debt collection, one that prioritizes our clients' long-term financial wellbeing.

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Dealing with Difficult Debtors in South Africa

A difficult debtor is an individual who is unresponsive, uncooperative, or even hostile when it comes to discussing their outstanding debts. They may avoid your calls or messages, ignore your emails, or simply refuse to acknowledge that they owe you money.

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Small Volume Collections & Business to Business Debt Recovery in South Africa

Debt collection can be a time-consuming task which can, in turn, impact productivity levels in a workplace. Additionally, unpaid invoices negatively influence cash flow, profitable turnover, and overall growth. It is therefore imperative that even small debts are collected timeously and successfully, especially if you are a small business.

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