Our Debt Collectors explain what makes a good Credit Client?

Able Tracers is one of the most efficient debt collection agencies in South Africa and our aim is to provide professional debt collection services across the country.

Majority of South Africans are in some form of debt and a large percentage of this population are unable to keep up with their repayments and are drowning in debt, so to speak.

It’s for this reason we take a look at what characteristics are beneficial when it comes to staying out of or successfully getting out of debt.

Debt collection Port Elizabeth - What makes a good client

The following are 5 characteristics which will result in someone being more likely to pay off their debts:

  • There is no desire to “keep up with the Joneses”

The term “keeping up with the Joneses” describes the desire to have as much of the same, if not more, in material possessions than your friends, family or even neighbours. This results in spending typically large amounts of money on unnecessary things and sometimes experiences such as radical overseas trips.

  • They have patience and discipline

Everyone knows that debt does not simply disappear overnight. It takes discipline to make the necessary monthly payments as well as patience in understanding that it may take some time for the debt to be completely paid off. These people are committed to achieving their goals.

  • Asking for help is no big deal

Generally speaking, many people, especially those who are in some form of self-inflicted trouble, may find it difficult to ask for help. However, the ability to budget smartly and manage debt effectively can be extremely difficult to do. Therefore, someone who is determined to become debt free will ask for some form of help, whether it be from a family member for general support or from a financial expert or professional.

  • They have the desire to know the difference between wants and needs

The media has a way of convincing people that they need certain things, when in fact, these “things” are usually not necessities at all. These people endeavour to differentiate between basic needs and absolute luxuries, and avoid buying anything that they do not need in order to survive.

  • These people are goal oriented

They understand the process of setting goals and achieving them and will more than likely use the “SMART” method. In this case, SMART stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. This method of setting goals helps a goal-oriented person understand what the end goal is and how to get there.

Although there are several other characteristics which can be discussed, these 5 are easily the most important when it comes to staying ultimately free of debt.

However, staying debt free can be quite challenging, considering the current economic status of the country.

This is when debt collection agencies in South Africa, such as Able Tracers, step in to assist. There are also certain characteristics which allow debt collectors to successfully collect outstanding debts.

Our debt collectors are experts in their field and through effective communication with our clients, professional negotiation throughout the collection process, empathy and persistence we are able to provide an efficient debt collection service in Port Elizabeth and South Africa.

We strive to be the best debt collectors in South Africa and aim for 100% success rate.

Able Tracers & Debt Collectors – Your Debt Collection Agency in South Africa

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