Debtor Tracing and Investigation - Debt Collection South Africa

Even in cases where debtors are in hiding – debt collection is possible.

With over 53 years of experience as Debt Collectors in South Africa, our team has gained extensive experience in debt collection and the many processes involved in successfully collecting debt.

Tracing debtors - Debt Collection South Africa

One of our major strengths and the backbone to our collection agency’s success - is our tracing of absconded debtors.

Over the years, we have achieved highly effective investigation methods. Additionally, our current database enables us to track not only individuals and businesses, but also collateral property and valuable information to needed to ensure success.

In addition to our team of dedicated debt collection agents, we employ the services of registered investigators, field representatives, tracing agents and even additional debt collectors as a combined effort to benefit you, our client.

Debt Collection Process

Tracing and Investigation

Before investigations begin, our team will internally verify the debtor’s information provided. This is to ensure better accuracy and effectiveness. It’s vital that all relevant debtor information is disclosed.

Possible relevantdebtor information:

  • Identify details (First name, surname, ID number, passport number)
  • Contact names and numbers for debtor’s parents and partners
  • Employment details (Employer’s name, contact number, work address)
  • Residential details (Landlord’s name, contact number, home address)

*Any past known details are useful to our tracers – even in cases where the debtor no longer works or resides at the said address.

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors South Africa

Debt collection can be an uphill battle, especially when the person owing you money disappears. It therefore requires an experienced debt collection company with professional debt collection and tracing agents to track down and pinpoint your debtors most recent contact and employment details.

For more information about our collection agency and our debt collection services, please contact us.

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