Debt Collection and Debt Recovery in Gqeberha

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors is a debt collection agency in Gqeberha with many years of experience in the debt recovery industry. We proudly serve people across the country and sometimes even internationally in recovering outstanding debt.

A professional debt collection agency such as ours is the missing link between you and the money rightfully owed to you. Hiring us to recover your outstanding debt comes with many benefits, and we always ensure that the correct legal procedures are followed.

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Debt Collection in South Africa

Successful debt collection relies not only on professionalism, but also compliance with legal guidelines. As qualified and experienced debt collectors, we know exactly what is legally required of us with regards to our conduct.

We have a strict code of conduct in place which prevents us from using black-hat tactics when we are dealing with debtors. In other words, we will never harass or coerce debtors into paying their debts as this may jeopardize our relationship with our creditor clients.

One of the biggest benefits of professional conduct is that it almost always results in successful recovery of outstanding debt. We believe that the rules and regulations exist for a reason, and we proudly adhere to our professional code at all times.

This professional code outlines a specific debt recovery process which must be followed strictly at all times. The Debt Collectors Act has provided the necessary steps to follow when collecting debt:

  1. Letter of Demand
    • Must clearly state what the claim is for and how much is being claimed
    • A grace period of ten days allowed for debtor to make payment or payment arrangement
    • The matter is in our call center to verify residential and employment addresses and do the necessary follow up work.
  2. Issuing a Summons
    • Issued when letter of demand has been ignored
    • Must be served directly to the debtor by the Sheriff of the court
  3. Emolument Attachment Order/Garnishee Order
    • This can be attached either to the debtor’s salary or to a third party who owes the debtor money
    • Consent from the debtor is required
  4. Instruction Letter to Debtor’s Employer
    • Only applicable in cases where a Garnishee order has been issued

Using a Debt Collection Agency

Whether you are a private individual, a small business, or a growing enterprise, using a debt collection agency to help you recover debt will help you save time as well as other precious resources. It can be a costly affair for any person or business owner to try and recover debt without the professional help from a debt collection agency.

Furthermore, there is the risk of inappropriate behavior or incorrect procedures followed by those who do not know what the correct debt collection process is. This too may jeopardize the chances of successfully recovering debt.

Able Tracers and Debt Collectors – Debt Collection Agency Gqeberha

Although we are situated in Gqeberha, we offer debt collection services to the whole of South Africa as well as internationally.

Following strict collection protocols and adhering to our professional code of conduct as stipulated in the National Credit Act, we endeavor to make every recovery a successful one.

For more information, please visit our debt services page or feel free to contact us.

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