Debt Collectors in South Africa do your Heavy Lifting this Women's Month

As professional debt collectors in South Africa, we believe that no woman should have to go through the struggles of collecting debt from an ex-partner or spouse.

Debt Recovery

Personal debt recovery, by default, can be extremely challenging due to the nature of the relationship you may have with the person who owes you money.

What makes this more challenging, is when a relationship has ended badly and your ex-partner is now refusing to pay back the money, he owes you, or child support owed by him.

Given the circumstances of our economy, financial independence as a single woman and mother takes years of hard work and saving and can be extremely stressful.

When someone owes you money or refuses to pay child support, he can completely debilitate you and your financial stability by placing a burden of debt on your shoulders.

debt collectors in South Africa

Debt Collection Process South Africa

Hiring a debt collection agency to address the issue on your behalf not only minimises the stress of having to communicate with an ex-partner but also increases your chances of successful debt recovery.

So, you have made all the phone calls you can and sent hundreds of messages only to have your number blocked. What do you do next?

Send a Letter of Demand

This letter serves as an official warning that you will take further legal action if you are not repaid by a certain date.

The letter of demand will also be a major aid in the legal process, should your matter end up in court.

Make sure your letter contains at least the following:

  • Proof that the person owes you money
  • Personal details – theirs and yours
  • A description of the debt (loan or child support)
  • The total amount owed
  • Terms of repayment – amount to be paid back, preferred method of payment
  • All supporting documents such as emails and communication between you and the person who owes you money
  • A settlement date
  • Indication that legal action will follow should the terms not be met

You don’t need to hire a lawyer to write your letter of demand, you can do it yourself. Section 129 of the National Credit Act gives further information regarding the minimum requirements of a letter of demand.

Lastly, the letter must be delivered preferably by registered mail so that there is physical proof that the letter was in fact delivered to the debtor.

Hire a Debt Collection Agency

Not only do we have the resources to ensure successful debt recovery, we have the time and the skills-set needed to make the process as smooth as possible.

As a single woman or mother, time and energy are valuable resources that should be used on more important areas of your life.

A major advantage of using us for personal debt collection, is that people who are in debt to someone else, take calls from a debt collector more seriously and are more likely to pay back the money owed.

In cases where the person who owes you money has become impossible to contact; we have the resources needed to successfully track them down so that we can make contact on your behalf.

Able Tracers – Debt Collectors in South Africa

We understand the pressures faced by women who are working against many odds to achieve financial independence.

Collecting debt from your ex-partner should not be something that takes up all your time or keeps you awake at night.

At Able Tracers, we use our expert skills to collect your debt with ease, while adhering to strict, professional conduct.

For further information about our debt collection services, and how we can help you get your money back, contact us.

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